A Few Thoughts

Low Bit is NOT:

-A way to excuse lousy, uninspired music by saying,
"this sucks, but at least it won't take up much room on
your iPod."

-A means to hide poor quality music through artifacts
and data loss.

-An AUTOMATIC way to earn respect from a community of
other Low Bit artists and fans [you can do that by making
innovative, well-constructed music and being a nice gal or

-An excuse to release music you are not proud of. If
you think, "this isn't good enough to release on my 320kb/s
album, so I'll release it as Low Bit," get the fuck out!

Low Bit IS:

-An asthetic choice for an artist who enjoys the warm,
raw, and somewhat unpredictable nature of Low Bit sound.

-A challenge to a highly creative artist to produce
innovative, enjoyable music within Low Bit's limitations.

-A political stance against bandwith inequality.

-A cultural stance against technological snobbery.

-A community of geniuses, weirdos, and weird geniuses
who love to create and share their art for it's own sake.

PLEASE NOTE: This is just the opinion of one jerk-off.


The Cryovolcano, April 2010

P.S. - Na zdrovyeh!

[8R016] Cryovolcano - 005